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18 April 2018 - Plans to transform Hainan into China’s largest free-trade zone put it back on developers’ investment radar. China’s ‘Hawaii’ expected to register more rapid growth than country overall in five to 10 years. Full article

18 April 2018 - Automaker equity cap to be scrapped. The current 50 percent cap on foreign equity, put in place in 1994, will be removed this year for companies that produce new energy vehicles and special-purpose vehicles. Full article

16 April 2018 - Ex-Israeli chief scientist helping Guangzhou jumpstart its tech ecosystem. The Guangzhou Municipal Government has asked Yehoshua (Shuki) Gleitman to collaborate on setting up a local incubator program, similar to those he helped set up while heading Israel’s Chief Scientist Office. The program will provide investment grants for some $400,000 to $450,000 per project, he said, and the idea is to invest both in Chinese ventures and Israeli ventures that will be set up in the region. Full article

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