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16 June 2018 - Henan Neixiang and Israel Open Agriculture Demonstration Park. With total investment of RMB 130 million, the project is not only the first high-efficiency agricultural science and technology demonstration park in Neixiang but also the first in Nanyang City that has successfully cultivated hydroponic vegetables, which has far-reaching significance in promoting the reform and development of local agricultural and rural areas. The agreement was signed in Oct 2016 and cooperation began in Jan 2017.  Full article (Chinese) and Past article (Chinese)

15 June 2018 - China’s Country Garden enters modern agriculture to help third-generation hybrid rice development. Country Garden (碧桂园, HKEX 2007), one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and People's Daily Global Times jointly held the China (International) Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Forum and the Country Garden Modern Agricultural Brand Conference in Shunde, Guangdong. Country Garden officially announced its entry into modern agriculture to help farmers increase their income, promote rural development, and help boost rural development. Full article (Chinese)

14 June 2018 - Zhongtong Bus Receives 80 Bus Orders from Israel. In 2015, Zhongtong Bus signed a cooperation agreement with Israeli customers and put 4 prototypes into trial operation. In the past three years, Israeli users has approached Zhongtong Bus more than 20 times,and  Zhongtong Bus has sent technicians, service, quality, accessories and other personnel to Israel many times. Full article (Chinese)

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