Here we spotlight one China-Israel deals player each week. This week, we're happy to present Featured Fund Manager Yafo Capital (雅法资本).

Featured Fund Manager :: Yafo Capital (雅法资本)

You could say Yafo Capital is more than just an investment house, pushing money around the world and making returns. It is more than that. The company was founded upon one Chinese man’s passion for Israel.

It’s a surprising story of a self-proclaimed “Chinese zionist” who fell in love with the country and was brought closer to it not only by business opportunity but also by his religious beliefs.

With his two partners Sean Jiang and Boaz Jiang, Benjamin Peng established Shanghai-based Yafo Capital in 2014, named in homage of Jaffa, focusing on bringing together Israeli technology and Chinese investment. Since then the fund has partnered with the Cukierman group, focusing on China-angled PE investment within high-tech sectors in Israel and Silicon Valley.

Yafo Capital has ownership in a handful of funds in China, and one of its more notable agreements has been with Foshan Metro Investment and Development Co., Ltd to establish an incubator in the area to support the city’s development with Israeli technology. Another notable case it has had involvement with is Healthwatch which received investment of $20 million in January 2017.

Though officially separate from Yafo’s business dealings, alongside his role of Yafo founder Peng also established the Israel Plan Organization, a non-profit supporting and promoting Israel in China.

When it comes from the heart, projects will likely find a way to succeed. With China-Israel business not showing any signs of slowing down, we’ll keep an eye out for what Yafo has to offer down the road.

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