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I don’t know how, but we understand each other even without speaking the same language!


No, this isn’t a post about soul mates. But it's close. It's about China-Israel business relationships.

An Israeli business development professional was talking about entering the Chinese market. “I have a few connections there, but I don’t know how to find partners or investors,” he said. “China is huge and there are lots of potential partners.” With a voice tinged with frustration, he confided, “I don’t even know who I could trust as a partner.

A Chinese fund manager was talking about investing in Israeli technology. “We have some connections there, but we are always open to partners to help us find new targets,” she said cheerfully. “There is a lot of Israeli technology but we don’t know where to find the companies that would suit us,” she admitted. “It is hard to find a good match.”

Do you see what’s going on here?

In a broad sense, we humans are all the same when it comes down to it. Nationalities are but mere details. (Except maybe at U.S. Border Patrol, but I digress).

Whether it’s the Chinese side or the Israeli side, both have the same struggles. They’re thinking the same things.

We’re not that different after all!

How then do we move past the divide and make those business connections click? How do we find clients and partners in such distant places as China and Israel?

Enter: the Contributor’s Corner

A platform within a platform, the Contributor’s Corner sits within China Deals InfoBase and is designed to spotlight contributors within the China-Israel business community.

China Deals InfoBase is the only dedicated China-Israel business platform and has quality, active readership.

Reach the largest pool of qualified Chinese and Israeli leads including investors, innovators, potential clients and strategic partners/relationships, even if…

  • You are based outside of your China or Israel target market
  • You’ve never been to China/Israel and don’t know where to start networking
  • You’ve been there 1,000 times and still can’t seem to make the connections you want
  • You’ve tried to reach out to investors/clients/partners but got frustrated with the way things progressed (or didn’t progress)
  • Or even if you are well-established in China/Israel and want to stay relevant and visible within the China-Israel business channel

The Contributor’s Corner is designed to connect you to potential clients and partners. Even for more established members, the Contributor’s Corner will keep you top of mind within the China-Israel business community.

Questions? Give us a buzz.

Remember, we’re all in the same boat here. Let’s step out of the divide. It's time to reach your potential clients and partners. Support is here!

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